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FlexRate is a new plan designed to give you the flexibility to adjust your price within the 12 month term of your fixed contract. Here’s how it works:

  • When you sign up for FlexRate, you lock in a 12 month fixed price. That price is guaranteed for 12 months
  • If prices change and you want to lock in a new price, you can do so once without penalty.
  • Your new price is guaranteed for the remainder of your 12 month contract. Lock in with no regrets. New customers call 1-866-353-5192. If you already a SCANA Energy customer, please call 1-877-467-2262.

Plus, new customers can mention promo code FLEX and receive $100 in bill credits.

Listed above is the current rate, expiring on May 4, 2014


SCANA 12 Month Flex Fixed


per therm
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  • This is a fixed rate plan with the option to adjust the therm price one time without penalty during the contract.
  • This offer is in the form of $10.00 credit per bill for the first 10 bills, for up to $100.
  • A 12 month contract is required. A $150 early exit fee will be assessed if you cancel before the end of the 12 month term.
  • There is a $5.95 monthly customer service charge.
  • A $7.50 fee may be assessed by Atlanta Gas Light if you switch providers more than once per year.
  • Terms and conditions apply.

Our customer service representatives are available to assist you Monday through Friday 7AM to 10PM and Saturday 8AM to 7PM. Call us toll-free at 1-866-353-5192.


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Rates expire May 4, 2014. $100 offer for new residential customers only. Offer in form of $10.00 credit per bill for first 10 bills, for a total of $100, subject to credit requirements. Cannot be combined with any other offer and is nontransferable. Terms and conditions apply. SCANA Energy will credit the fixed rate early exit fee, if assessed by your current gas provider, up to $50 regardless of the rate plan selected. These plans have a $5.95 monthly customer service charge. Customers who establish service may receive an initial bill for less than a complete billing cycle or month. You may be subject to a $7.50 charge from AGL if you switch providers more than once within a year.

* By signing up for a fixed rate plan, you are guaranteed a fixed therm price for 6,12 or 18 months. The SCANA Energy 12 Month Fixed Flex Rate plan provides the option to adjust the per therm price one time during your 12 month contract without an exit fee. Adjustment of therm price is based on the SCANA 12 Month Flex Fixed rate’s current monthly offering. Your initial price is guaranteed for 12 billing cycles. If a subsequent price is selected, it is guaranteed for the billing cycles remaining on the contract.

SCANA Energy uses billing cycles to determine the length of a fixed rate plan. A billing cycle is approximately one month, but the actual number of days may vary with each billing cycle. In order to receive that price, you must commit to the rate plan for the specified period of time. If you choose to cancel before the specified period of time is complete, there is a $150 exit fee that may have to be paid in addition to your current balance. Service is subject to credit approval.